Count Button Twitter hilang ?
Senin, 23 November 2015 | Photo 55,860 kali | comment (FB)

Count API Twitter is GONE
Hari ini cek website, kayaknya ada sesuatu yang ganjil... ternyata Count Butoon Twitter berubah tampilan.

Count button atau jumlah foller dalam bentuk button yang biasa nampang di situs PuangDOTcom, berubah dan jumlah followernya hilang.

Cek and ricek ternyata script nggak ada yang salah, kemudian hunting informasi ternyata twitter sejak tanggal 6 oktober 2015 sudah mengumumkan hal ini tapi PuangDOTcom baru melihat perubahan button twitter ini per hari ini tanggal 23 november 2015.

Berikut kutipan pengumuman twitter dari situs resminya via https://blog.twitter.com/2015/hard-decisions-for-a-sustainable-platform.

Hard decisions for a sustainable platform
Tuesday, October 6, 2015 | By Michael Ducker (@miradu), Group Product Manager [00:36 UTC]

Recently, we announced a new design for our Tweet and follow buttons, as well as a deprecation of the Tweet count feature. We expect to ship these changes by Nov. 20, 2015. We wanted to take a moment to explain how and why we made this decision, as it reflects the kinds of engineering tradeoffs we make every day.

One of our goals is to build a predictable, dependable platform for you to build your websites, apps, and businesses. We also want to ensure that the products we build are supported by Twitter Engineering. As a result, we design for longevity in order to limit any questions about deprecating APIs. Like you, we have finite engineering resources, which requires us to make choices about which products and public APIs we invest in.


dan alasan twitter menghilangkan button follower atau oleh twitter disbut "count API" tersebut ternyata dari awal twitter memang tidak menyediakan layanan count button itu secara resmi.

Additionally, the “count API” has never existed as part of our public, supported and documented API endpoints; it was only intended for use by our own web widgets. We’ve often cautioned in our developer forums that use of such undocumented endpoints shouldn’t be relied upon, as we cannot commit to supporting them.

dan finally mulai tanggal 20 november count API tersebut resmi di hilangkan.

Update Nov. 20, 2015: As described above, we have now shipped the updated Tweet Button and removed the Tweet count endpoint. We appreciate your feedback over the past 60 days on how you have used these counts, and look forward to incorporating it as we create and improve tools to integrate Twitter content into your apps and websites.
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